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IMPACT! Sat. June 15th – NYC’s Longest running play party 108 Greenwich St, 6th Floor
New York City, NY 10006 United States

Jun 15 2024

About the Tribe


Yeah, a regular monthly Saturday night!
We have an amazing newly built private space in lower Manhattan with tons of new equipment, six rigging stations, and plenty of room to play, so you don’t have to worry about hitting someone in the face with your flogger. Plus, best of all, we will have a special private space for those who want to get a little more frisky.

Deliver impact, make an impression, bruise the night in your tell tale shape. Select a target. Take aim. Collide. Feel the reverberation as flesh meets flesh, mind meets mind. A molecular disturbance. Electrical currents pulsate through your tissue, down into your bones. Power transferred…a new conception. You will be remembered. You will not soon forget. Tonight leave your mark.

Enter into our sultry palace where you will be compelled to strip off clothing, bend over knee and marvel at the sights. It is in this place and space that you feel transported to another time and place.

Impact! is a play party designed with upscale tastes in an intimate and discrete setting. This is not a dirty dungeon.  Here you can mingle and get to know like minded alternative people in a healthy sophisticated atmosphere.  Our participants are a mix of young eager learners and experienced players.  All are welcome to participate in the TRIBE VIBE.

Dress code:   We applaud fetish wear, latex, rubber, leather and uniforms. Formal or business attire, Creative fun and sexy. No jeans or sneakers, no street wear.  Dress code will be strictly enforced.

We are open to new Fetish scene attendees regardless of experience or preference.  If you are feeling nervous about coming alone or for the first time please reach out to us and we will arrange for one of our “fetish ambassadors” to escort you and make things more comfortable.  We cater to all ages from 19 and up so please feel free to reach out with questions in general. We want to support the alternative community and help people.

IMPACT is a BYOB event. There will be no alchohol for sale but there will be mixers and soft drinks available.

108 Greenwich St, 6th Floor, NY, NY 10006

The party kicks off at 10pm and goes until 4am. Check our postings about possible pre-party classes.

SUSPENSION has not gone away. We will be hosting SUSPENSION on the Sunday of the 3 day weekends thru out the year.

Only for kidz 21and older

Check out our complete list of SUSPENSION & IMPACT! event dates check out our calendar page. So mark your kink calendars now

With so many riggers coming out the party we are adding additional

Suspension rigs! Less time waiting, more time flying!More Hang Time!

@The Delancey lounge -168 Delancey street, NYC

Fetish Tribe Suspension

SUSPENSION-A play soiree

Play soiree \plâ\ \swä-râ\ n
1. a party or reception held in the evening for purposes of amorous flirtations of an adult variety
2. a rendezvous for social dalliances, particularly those of a darker nature
3. a social gathering to which guests are invited for light conversation, refreshments, dancing, and games of a physical nature
4. as in: Suspension Party

A night of a thousand kisses, a night of a thousand lashes, when reality falls away and you take flight. Weightless above the earth, you are the breath that stills between intakes of air, the time that exists outside of time, the complete absence of preconception. Reason halted, mystery divined, a celebration of sensation, altered, clarified. Welcomed, you drift high, surrounded by creatures, playing, spinning, dancing, beautiful creatures just like you – suspended…

Let's hangSuspension is our flag ship party that started it all and set the bar on sophisticated play. Suspension is held in an amazing three story establishment with chandeliers, plush seating, soft red light district.  Upstairs lounge in our jungle roof top with palm trees and giant ferns.

Riggers are encouraged to come experience our suspension points  (12′ high) designed to take your models up safely and give them an amazing ride.  There is no shortage of play space.

Want to check out a Fetish party in NYC but don’t know what to expect? Suspension attracts about 100 kinksters and curious to each party.  We are open to new attendees regardless of experience or preference.  If you are feeling nervous about coming alone or for the first time please reach out to us and we will arrange for one of our “fetish ambassadors” to escort you and make things more comfortable.  We support the alternative community and help people discover their kinks.

Suspension is 21+ for entry (sorry its the clubs rules not ours)

Dress code:

Fetish, Burner beautiful, creative, suits, leather, latex, formal wear, suits (yeah that means a tie too!), uniforms, school girl outfits, formal wear..Suits and dresses ROCK!

Those dressed in all black, expect an uncharge.  No streetwear. No sneakers, jeans or baseball caps permitted. Dress like you belong here. We applaud your commitment to style.


Read what Sexsploratorium had to say about Suspension.

Pix far right. Rigger: The amazing Tombstone.  Model: Peace-in-love