About the Tribe


Fetish Tribe Party Rules

  1. Do not touch anyone without express permission!!! You will see many things that look like liberal touching and fun kink – please know this is between people that have established friendships or relationships.
  2. And if you ask… NO ALWAYS MEANS NO!!!
  3. Picture taking and all video are prohibited. Still pics may only be taken by the official party photographer.
  4. Cell phone use is prohibited at the party Please walk outside if you need to use your phone.
  5. Drink & play responsibly. If you compromise safe play or act inappropriately you will be asked to leave!
  6. Use, possession or sale of drugs is illegal and strictly prohibited! Violators will be asked to leave and banned!
  7. Full nudity is illegal. Nipples must be covered or taped & naughty bits also must remain fully covered!
  8. SEX is not permitted… Not even a blow job!!! Pease feel inspired & wait until you get home;)
  9. Play has priority – Please allow others the space to scene safely. Do Not interrupt a scene or invade play space. Never touch or talk to anyone in a scene or during aftercare. Do not join in a scene unless specifically invited.

Be well, have fun and play safe